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Home massage sessions are a comfort that clients can create in their own environment, from garden to living room space. It is a luxury not to rush to get to a massage session, instead allow massage to come to you with all that is required for your treatment. A custom massage session in your home will deliver not only full benefits of massage experience but will allow you to save your time and resources.

Regular massage improves circulation, helps relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. Assists the body in pain or discomfort relief, elevates mood, improves sleep, helps body prepare for and recover from intense sport activities etc.

We focus on ecofriendly way, bicycle, to commute to our client’s home when distances and weather allow.

We use unscented jojoba oil that is custom mixed with essential oil for aromatherapy affect per client request. Massage therapist educates clients in self-care if needed between massage sessions to enhance overall wellness.


From Head To Toes massage company's mission is to increase accessibility to the benefits of high quality massage by accommodating the individual in their own home. We believe that providing in-home massage therapy promotes rest and relaxation by enabling the client to be fully present during the therapy without the stressors of limited time, travel, and with consideration of home or family dynamics. We believe in taking time for each individual and accommodating their specific needs to the best of our ability.


From Head To Toes massage company’s vision is to become the massage and bodywork company for its clients that continue to empower their daily life and activities with energy, relaxation, harmony and overall feeling of wellness, via massage therapy, balancing muscular and soft tissue alignment techniques, as well as education.

Massage Therapist with client


I am Ramune Zykute Williams, a licensed massage therapist who immigrated to Haarlem, Netherlands from United States, native of Lithuania. I have fallen in love with massage from the first session. After graduating as massage therapist & practicing massage therapy for over 10 years, I decided to continue my education into Physiotherapy field.

Over the years of practice, I have certified & advanced my massage skills into various massage techniques to become well-rounded and experienced therapist. Various massage types & techniques are being incorporated into client’s treatment sessions to custom address problem areas or just enhance relaxation.

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